The Resident

Operators know a lot about residents but we want to know more.  Online surveys promoted by local management make it a snap for residents to tell us what's important (and not).

The Property

Although we might start with a Property Map, our analysis considers room design, parameter and grounds security, parking controls, clubhouse access, and much more.  We also take a deep dive into amenity options, occupancy, and dispo plans.

Component Selection

We work with Owners and Operators to optimize the components, options, and amenity pricing in a budget that is sure to improve NOI/ROI.  Where model apartments are available we pilot the components to validate resident interest and preferences.


We only work with Integrators that have a National footprint, specialize in Multifamily, and maintain a Self Directed business model.  The Scope and Outcome of every project is managed to meet the Owner and Operators expectations.

Operator Training

We know staffing changes happen.  We know Operators come and go as do their resources.  We know Assets change Ownership.  That's why we select Top Tier Providers whose products and services have been vetted against the highest industry standards. To make the cut Software solutions we recommend must be secure and intuitive.  When help is needed we're there with online tutorials, FAQ's, and unequaled 24 x 7 technical help.  When it comes to your on-site maintenance our certification process assures they know how to install (replace) the SMART 250 equipment you install.  The bottom line, our solutions provide day-1 functionality that's seamless for the resident.

Resident Support

Just as Staff changes so do residents.  Our Customer Service assures new residents have the online and 24 x 7 Customer Support they need to activate, modify, and integrate their SMART technology.